Light comes up.


My name is Mertz Dylan, I am 23 years young and I started developing webpages in my last year of school. I gained my diploma of technician in computer sciences in 2013 at Lycée Technique des Art et Métiers in Luxemburg, and since 2015 I’ve been working as a web developer.

The photography is a rather new hobbie of mine. I only started with it at begining of 2017. So I have a lot of level ups to do before reaching my end goal and I am constantly improving and trying out new things. I am not an expert in a specific genre of photography and in the the near futur i will not set on one, as I rather stay open to gain experiencein all directions.

I am active on several social networks, where you can contact me or message me and at best support me.

500px is a heavy focused page for photography. I use it to explore the photos of other photographers, to support those I like and to look for inspiration. I post my photos at the highest quality possible for me to be able to offer the service to buy the photos.

Youtube is obviously for videos. Here I focus on the genre “carporn”. As I am quite new to the field I’looking forward to develop my own style.

Instagram as well as Facebook are pages on which I share new photos or upcomming projects as well as general information. Furthermore, it can also serve as communication platform between you and me, if you want to.

Lastly i would love and be happy to see your support. And any feedback you have is welcomed and appreciated.