Cracking Mechanics

An awesome Team from Luxembourg whose living and bleeding theire motorlifestyle. They complemente theire Youtube Channel with a webpage where they post theire past events with impressions of what happened and theire uploaded videos from Youtube. The webpage is a more serious point of contact then theire facebook and youtube.

Go check watch theire videos and support them:

Fanfare Municipale Luxembourg Bonnevoie

A lovely group of people coming together to play music in a fanfare. Rehearse, give concerts and travel from time to time. The Fanfare Municipale Luxembourg Bonnevoie wanted a webpage to promote there upcoming events, publish important pieces of information, theire historie and photos.

Go check them out on both there web and facebook pages:
  Bouneweger Musek

Content Management System

This is DAP INDUSTRIES small and simple Content Management System for your webpage. It is not an obligation to use my own system. That is completely your choice. But with my own system I can do whatever I want or rather what you want. It will be updated to improve the simplicity. The goal of the system is to be simple and not to be as complex as other Content Management Systems on the market.

Dap Industries

My very own webpage is a good example of my work. It is simple, clean and most important I like it. I use my webpage for publishing my own photos, to show my works concerning webpages, to introduce me and as a possibility for you to contact me.

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